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Treat Your Sales Team to a Rewarding Retreat in the Smoky Mountains
Treat Your Sales Team to a Rewarding Retreat in the Smoky Mountains

Escape the clatter of the city and treat your sales team to a magnificent getaway nestled in the serenity of Wears Valley, at the footsteps of the stunning Smoky Mountains. A King’s Lodge beckons you to an idyllic sanctuary where natural beauty meets rewarding comfort—a perfect token of appreciation for your sales team’s hard-fought victories and relentless dedication. Read on: Treat Your Sales Team to a Rewarding Retreat in the Smoky Mountains…

Encourage team bonding, celebrate your milestones, and strategize for the future in an environment that exquisitely combines rustic charm with modern luxury. Uncover the allure of A King’s Lodge, where your team’s hard work pays off in the tranquility and splendor of a unique mountain retreat.

Luxurious Lodging for Champions

Whether planning an intimate strategy session or a grand acknowledgment banquet, A King’s Lodge offers an array of lodging selections to cater to your team’s preferences and needs. Choose from intimate cabins that foster unity or book the entire estate for an exclusively private event that speaks volumes of your gratitude and care.

The Smoky Mountain Farmhouse

Step into the Smoky Mountain Farmhouse and soak in the awe-inspiring views over Wears Valley. This abode, steeped in tranquility, houses three capacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, where relaxation meets privacy. The warmth of a traditional wood-burning fireplace and the charm of nostalgic furnishings blend seamlessly with today’s conveniences, providing an atmosphere ripe for reflection and connection.

Cherokee Hill Cabin

The Cherokee Hill Cabin offers an authentic retreat into mountain life with its genuine log cabin appeal. Tucked in lush surroundings, this modern build echoes the profound beauty of nature. Housing two deluxe king bedrooms and additional sleeping arrangements, this cabin provides a private and comforting space where your sales team can unwind after successful quarters.

The Main Lodge

The heart of A King’s Lodge is the stunning Main Lodge, spanning over seven acres at Cove Mountain’s base. Presenting five private bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and a vast common area equipped with entertainment and games, it’s the centerpiece for spirited interactions and shared laughter—the lifeblood of cohesive teams.

Engaging Activities and Team Building Exercises

Filled with stimulating on-site activities, A King’s Lodge offers captivating experiences that make venturing beyond its confines entirely optional. From horseback riding through enchanting woodlands to traversing nature trails in the vastness of the Great Smoky Mountains, the lodge stands as a bastion of adventure and serenity.

The Farm Experience

Foster teamwork and communication at our charming farm. Witness your team come alive as they engage with friendly goats, sheep, and other adorable farm animals. Leadership and cooperation take on a new meaning with lead rope horse rides and interactive grooming sessions—all against the picturesque scenery of the Smokies.

Horseback Adventures

Whether a seasoned equestrian or a first-time rider, our personalized horseback experiences are tailored for your team’s enjoyment. Bond over grooming routines or set out on scenic guided trails—A King’s Lodge makes each moment enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Immerse in the Grandeur of Nature

A King’s Lodge is more than just a scenic backdrop for corporate events—it is an immersive experience that catalyzes team spirit and strategic thinking. With each sunrise, fresh possibilities for personal and collective growth arise, while evenings offer reflective moments rich with stories to be shared.

Nestled close to vibrant destinations like Pigeon Forge, Townsend, and Gatlinburg, A King’s Lodge is not simply a retreat—it’s an enriching chapter waiting to be written in your sales team’s narrative, honoring their accomplishments amidst the grandeur of nature.

Indulge in a corporate retreat that combines professional fulfillment with the breathtaking wonders of the natural world. A King’s Lodge awaits you, ready to transform your recognition event into a legendary celebration.


Welcome to A King’s Lodge. A private cabin experience near the heart of the Smokies.



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