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Smoky Mountain Family Reunions
Smoky Mountain Family Reunions

Hosting a family reunion at A King’s Lodge in the majestic Smoky Mountains offers an unforgettable experience that can fully accommodate your extended family with space for up to 36 guests. Imagine reuniting under one roof, sharing stories, and creating new memories with your loved ones surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Read on: Smoky Mountain Family Reunions…

Spacious Accommodations

A King’s Lodge provides ample sleeping quarters in a variety of configurations to ensure every family member is comfortably accommodated. The spacious lodge and additional cabins are designed to keep large groups together, fostering a sense of closeness and community.

Ranch Experiences & Horseback Riding

Embrace the great outdoors with an array of ranch experiences, including horseback riding excursions guided by friendly experts. A family ride through the scenic trails is not just an adventure but an opportunity to bond with family and horses alike amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Smoky Mountains.

Catered Meals & Family Feasts

Take the hassle out of planning meals by arranging for catering services that can deliver sumptuous feasts right to your table. Whether you’re craving a barbecue, a formal dinner, or something uniquely tailored to your family’s tastes, A King’s Lodge can assist with meal planning. This assures every meal is an occasion to gather and enjoy.

Evenings by the Fire Pits

As the stars emerge, the lodge’s fire pits become a nightly gathering spot. It’s the perfect setting for family members of all ages to roast s’mores, cook hotdogs, and revel in the timeless joy of campfire tales and shared laughter.

Smoky Mountain Family Reunion

A family reunion at A King’s Lodge is an opportunity to reconnect in a tranquil environment where the daily distractions of life fade away, allowing families to focus on what truly matters — each other. With its homely feel, endless activities, and enchanting surroundings, A King’s Lodge is the heartwarming escape perfect for your next family gathering.


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